Dalnibba Run
Start June 11th 2022 at 11.15
21 km - 0 to 1500 metres above sea level

For the 29th time, Geiranger Sport Association invites to this challenging achievement, which must be among the most demanding half marathon races in the world.

The start is at the world-famous Geiranger Fjord and finish on Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 metres above sea level. Read more about the track. You can find photos from the race in the photo section. The race is being arranged by Geiranger Sport Association.

There are 8 places where we serve sport beverage and water. You find results from the previous Dalnibba Runs here.

Men and women with the age 17-18 years old, 19-22, 20-24, 23-39, 40-44, 45-49 and so on up to the last class which is 75+.

Start list Dalsnibba Run

The prizegiving takes place at 16.30 in the village centre/starting area.

The Sparebanken Møre-prize is awarded to the fastes men and women, who will winn;
1st prize: NOK 5000,-
2nd prize: NOK 3000,-
3rd prize: NOK 2000,-

In addition, there will also be payed a bonus of NOK 10 000,- if a new record time is made for both women and men. So should the winner beat the record time, he or she will winn NOK 15 000,-!

All completing contestants receive a medal. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in each class (for maximum for 1/3rd of the contestants in the class).

There will be drawing of a grand prize for all contestants, and contestants registrating before FEIL are also competing for nice gift prizes. Winners of these prizes will be listed in the starting area, and the prizes can be picked up after the race.

Registration is made online only. We encourage our foreign participants to pay by credit card when you sign up.

You need a licence to compete in Dalsnibba Run. If you don't have an international licence, you have to purchase a one-time licence. This licence depends on the time of registration, see more information about this here. You can pay the one time licence together with the fee by adding NOK 170,-/220,- to the transfer.

Best time men:
Kilian Jornet 1.26.42 from 2019

Best time women: Anita Håkenstad 1.39.54 from 2007

Prizes from Sparebanken Møre:
1st: NOK 5000,-
2nd: NOK 3000,-
3rd: NOK 2000,-
In addition NOK 5000,- for new best time!
116 participants in 2019
150 participants in 2018
165 participants in 2017
215 participants in 2016
200 participants in 2015
217 participants in 2014
206 participants in 2013
146 participants in 2012
172 participants in 2011
192 participants in 2010
206 participants in 2009
168 participants in 2008
119 participants in 2007
85 participants in 2006
74 participants in 2005
95 participants in 2004

June 11th 2022
start at 11.15
The track starts at the Geiranger fjord and ends on top of Mount Dalsnibba at 1500 meters above sea level.

After 4 km most of the contestants are in good shape. 17 km to go.

In 2009, Svein Inge Buhaug had a few meters to Øyvind Heiberg Sundby and Hans Martin Gjedrem at Knuten.

Bicyclists and runners tend to really feel the pain in the last hill, 300 meters before the finish line. Ingvar Gudrit (left) and Håkon Svoen sees the finish line for the first time.
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