Welcome ot uphill contests in Geiranger June 6th 2015
Geiranger From Fjord to Summit is arranged by Geiranger Sport Association and Eidsdal Sport Association. You start by the fjord and either run, bicycle or walk to Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sea level.
Cycle Run Roller skiing
Very hard

2x21 km long
2x1500 m up
Dalsnibba Duathlon
The hardest Duathlon
in Norway!
Start list

21 km long
1500 m up
Dalsnibba Cycle Race
A pure uphill race.

Start list
Dalsnibba Run
Hardest uphill run in Norway?

Start list
Dalsnibba Ski Race
21 km uphill
with roller skis.
Start list
Hard but short

4.2 km long
300 m up
Dalsnibba Cycle Race Mini
Cycle race for kids 13 to 16 years of age. Start list
Dalsnibba Mini Run
For the young and those satisfied with 4.2 km.

Start list
Dalsnibba Ski Race Mini
For the young and those satisfied with 4.2 km.

Start list
Dalsnibba Walk
21 km, 10 eller 5 km.
Start list 21 km
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Latest news
Finish line at Dalsnibba
June 5th 2015
The road to Dalsnibba reopened today. If nothing special happens until tomorrow, the finish line will be at Dalsnibba and the arrangement will be as planned.

The weather forecast for tomorrow indicates some rain in the morning, but some sun and small showers in the afternoon. Good luck!
Clearing of the road up to Mount Dalsnibba
June 4th 2015

Photo from Nibbevegen Wednesday (Photo: Geiranger Skysslag)
As previously reported, the 5 km road up to Dalsnibba is currently closed due to snowfall and wind. However, the road will be cleared tomorrow so we hope to have the finish line at Dalsnibba as usual.

We will confirm this or inform about a new finish line on Friday evening or Saturday morning. Keep yourself updated on this website. All kinds of weather is forecasted on Mount Dalsnibba on Saturday; sun, wind and precipitation, possibly as snow. This does not need to be a problem as long as you dress accordingly. With wind and precipitation, the perceived temperature will be below 0°C.

Bilde frå Nibbevegen onsdag (Geiranger Skysslag)
Weather Conditions
June 3rd 2015
We have had much colder weather the last few weeks than we normally have. Therefore we will like to inform you that there might be changes in the event on Saturday.

The road to the top of Dalsnibba, Nibbevegen, has been plowed and there have been both cars and cyclists to the top, but it has not been opened for regular traffic yet. Tuesday and Wednesday there has been fresh snow on the top so the road must be plowed again.

The weather forecast of Thursday and Friday, however, looks better and we hope the road will be opened and we will be able to go on with the event as planned. However, if the conditions are bad, we have to shorten the track and have the finish at Djupvasshytta at about 1,000 meters. The decision on this will be made on Friday or in the worst case on Saturday morning.

It may also be relevant that those who will participate in The Duathlon will finish the cycling at Djupvasshytta while the rest of the participants will finish on top of Dalsnibba. This possibility are caused to the fact that the bike section in the Duathlon starts as early as 8.00. This decision can also at the worst case be made Saturday morning.

Anyway, we recommend that participants to bring enough clothes to send up to the finish, especially those who are going to take the ride down afterwards. However, we cross our fingers that everything works out and we will be able to make the event as planned, but we hope that you please understanding that there may be changes due to weather Conditions!
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