Welcome ot uphill contests in Geiranger June 8th 2014
Geiranger From Fjord to Summit is arranged by Geiranger Sport Association and Eidsdal Sport Association. You start by the fjord and either run, bicycle or walk to Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sea level.
Cycle Run Roller skiing
Very hard

2x21 km long
2x1500 m up
Dalsnibba Duathlon
The hardest Duathlon
in Norway!
Start list

21 km long
1500 m up
Dalsnibba Cycle Race
A pure uphill race.

Start list
Dalsnibba Run
Hardest uphill run in Norway?

Dalsnibba Ski Race
21 km uphill
with roller skis.
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Hard but short

4.2 km long
300 m up
Dalsnibba Mini Run
For the young and those satisfied with 4.2 km.

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Dalsnibba Ski Race Mini
For the young and those satisfied with 4.2 km.

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Dalsnibba Walk
21 km, 10 eller 5 km.
Start list 21 km
Start list 5/10 km
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Latest news
Book your accomodation now!
January 28th 2014
Lent is usually a busy weekend in Geiranger so we recommend that you to book accomodation early. You'll find an overview of accomodation here.
Asphalt all the way
November 27th 2013
In the autumn of 2013, the last 4 km up to Mount Dalsnibba was covered with asphalt, which means that the whole 21 km track (except for Knuten) is now asphalt. We expect new best times, particularly in the bicycle race.

The asphalt also enables a roller ski race, and we are glad to present the 21 km long Dalsnibba Ski Race with 1500 m inclination!

The road to Mount Dalsnibba in August 2013..
Good condition on Nibbevegen
June 12th 2013
Nibbevegen, which is the last 5 km of the track, is mostly a gravel road. We were up there just recently with a road bike and the road is firm and hard. Watch out in the inner curves as they are steeper and can have some loose gravel.

The weather forecast has changed for the better the last days and it looks like sun on Saturday!

Originally, three cruise ship were arriving in Geiranger on Saturday, but one of them has cancelled. Many more have registred for the races just recently, so it looks very good for the coming Saturday!
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