Geiranger fjord - Dalsnibba on June 10th 2017
Geiranger From Fjord to Summit is arranged by Geiranger Sport Association and Eidsdal Sport Association. You start by the fjord and either run, bicycle or walk to Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 meters above sea level.
Cycle Run
Very hard

2x21 km long
2x1500 m up
Dalsnibba Duathlon
The hardest Duathlon
in Norway!
Start list

21 km long
1500 m up
Dalsnibba Cycle Race
A pure uphill race.

Start list
Dalsnibba Run
Hardest uphill run in Norway?

Start list
Hard but short

4.0 km long
300 m up
Dalsnibba Cycle Race Mini
Cycle race for kids beetween
11 to 16 years of age.
Start list
Dalsnibba Mini Run
For the young and those satisfied with 4.0 km.

Start list
Dalsnibba Walk
21 km, 10 eller 5 km.
Start list 21 km
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Latest news
New Energy for everybody
June 9th 2016
Help yourself with a New Energy bar from Nidar when collecting your bib. Nice to have when giving it all up to Mount Dalsnibba!

After the race
June 8th 2016
In case you have any strength left, we invite you to the terrace at Olebuda on Saturday evening at 22h. It is located in the pedestrian area in Geiranger village.

Weather forecast for the race day
June 7th 2016
The weather forecast for Saturday is nice; cloudy with chances for sunshine and relative mild temperatures.

Our usual reminder is that the conditions at the finish line at Mount Dalsnibba are harsher, so be sure to send dry and warm clothes to the finish line. You can send a bag with a bus that depards just before the start at the fjord. Remember to tag the bag with your number.

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